Premier Hawaiian Scents Bath Salts

You don't have a bath tub? No worries.

After a shower; apply a generous handful and spread it evenly on your skin (typically on 4 corners of your body) or apply where you feel tension or pain.

Wait 15 to 30 seconds or longer if you prefer, then rinse thoroughly. You may also do a feet spa soak for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse.

Bath tub instructions: draw your bath water as warm as desired. Then drop some salt into the bath. Slip ever so gently into your oasis of scented bliss! soak until water is cool, drain tub and rinse body.

Feel totally amazing, free and clear!


1. Med 1/4 lb - $12
2. Small 4 oz - $8

Custom orders available, please inquire.

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