Group Retreat Hula Workshops

Group Retreat Hula is more than just about cultural appreciation and staying fit with dancing and performing. It can also mean more about discovering your own spiritual journey. It can mean restoring your mana (energy), healing, and pi kai blessings (saltwater water blessing). Tutu's Taro offers both private, in-person group retreat hula workshops as well as convenient virtual classes that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. To learn more about our hula lessons or to sign up, contact Tutu's Taro today!

Hawaiian Pi Kai Blessing: Pi Kai (Waters of Kauai) Ceremony - A Hawaiian ceremony with waters from the Sea to cleanse any negative energies of the past and of the Mountain to restore, rejuvenate and inspire your rebirth of new perspectives and focus in the present. Pricing varies upon location. Please inquire.