Psychic Readings

THE JOURNEY (ka huaka’i) OR ALOHA (love)

This reading is a personal reading for your situation with a 10 card spread (30) minutes minimum for $77 or $111 for (1) hour. You may ask (3) questions after reading.

Consultant will inform you of:

  • Where you’re at at the moment?
  • What challenges you?
  • What you’re focused on?
  • About the environment?
  • Recent Past & Near Future?
  • What are your HOPES & Fears?
  • Your Outcome
  • Theme of your read & What your guides have to say about HOW to act positively.


  • $11 LOVE POTION Hawaiian Intentional BROWN sugar scrub with Tahitian Vanilla Bean & Roasted Coconut scented. (4 oz) Inspires love related feelings and luxurious vibes.
  • $20 Burning of incense with Spiritual intentions at Tutu’s Taro.
  • $30 Burning of candle with Spiritual intentions at Tutu’s Taro.
  • $111 For Hawaiian Spiritual Tools Kit to cleanse your own home complete with step by step instructions. Consultant to do a spiritual proxy check afterwards.