Special Events

Special Occasion Event Packages

Are you looking for entertainment for your next special event? Tutu’s Taro offers a variety of packages for your guests!

‘Ohana (Family) Event Package: $111/hour

1 (4) tarot card read messages, per person at event (5-6) persons per hour, approximately 8-10 minutes per read. Includes (1) question. Price includes travel time. Maximum is 3 hours. A %50 deposit is required.

‘Ao (Illumination) Event Package: $22 per person

1 (10) tarot cards read per person at the event for (20) minutes per guest, paid by the guests. Price includes travel time.

Po (Shadow) Event Package: $111/hour

1 (10) tarot cards LOVE or JOURNEY read, plus 3 oracle cards for spiritual advice. Which includes (3) questions. Paid by an event planner, 45 - 60 minutes each person, per hour. Maximum 5 hours.

A service agreement will be signed by both parties and all details regarding the event must be shared with Tutu’s Taro. All prices are subject to change. Please inquire and book your next special occasion event with us.